Batman Actors Painful Suits And Prosthetics

They look tough, but wearing their complex costumes and prosthetics can be even tougher! Actors in the Batman films over the years have all faced serious struggles with their costumes.
Pretty much every Batman actor has had the same problem – figuring out a way to go to the bathroom! Most of them needed multiple people to help them get in and out of their suits. Being in the extremely warm and claustrophobic costume caused one actor to see stars and yell that he needed to get out of it immediately! Robert Pattinson actually wore a couple of the previous Batsuits in his auditions and screen tests and all these years later, he could still smell the sweat from the other actors. The Penguin in the 2022 ‘The Batman’ film is portrayed by an unrecognizable Colin Farrell, thanks to multiple facial prosthetics and an intense pre-filming ritual. The Riddler actor brought some magic to the screen, but he paid for it. The actor struggled to breathe and found himself in some pretty serious danger, wrapped up in plastic wrap. One of the Batman’s didn’t actually wear a batsuit at all. The mocap suit he wore may have been more comfortable physically, but the actor was miserable because of how ridiculous he looked throughout the process. Gal Gadot’s physique wasn’t exactly what the team initially envisioned, so she got a heavily padded suit. When Heath Ledger played the Joker, one of his key character traits actually came about because of uncomfortable facial prosthetics that kept falling off!
Just getting through filming with these restrictive, hot and sometimes dangerous costumes made all these actors real-life superheroes!


00:00 Intro
00:19 Total Torture
00:57 The Prosthetic Penguin
01:27 Regretful Riddler
02:14 Claws Come Out
02:55 The Audition Suit
03:40 Pumped Up Sneakers
04:16 Mocap Fail
04:48 Padded Up Wonder Woman
05:21 Broody Bale
06:21 A Restrictive Mask
06:53 Failing Prosthetics
07:31 Workout Madness
08:04 Sewed In
08:55 Stiff Suit
09:20 45 Minutes
09:46 Outro

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Written by: Thalia GK
Narrated by: Serena L
Edited by: Joaquín Rodríguez Carvalho

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37 thoughts on “Batman Actors Painful Suits And Prosthetics

  1. Murf30

    Putting Clooney and Keaton in the same category as being the OG Batman is insane. If anything Clooney was a tie for worst with Kilmer. What is it with the Batman Clooney fans?

  2. Osman Binsa

    Poor batman getting paid 3 mil butt a Little too heavy suit eh.
    Meanwhile me working with a hazmat suit and a gas mask in a asbestos closed zone crawling under building using heavy machines in 30°c 8h a day earning 2000 a month

  3. resend delete

    it's funny how actors/actress will complain about whatever movie/tv show they did AFTER the tv show or movie was done because of $$$

    sooo yeah, how about we see these same people go on a rant and complaining and get maybe fired lol

  4. Wiktor Hilla

    when I hadn't been to the film yet, then I thought it would be like the batman from 2008 and when I saw this film it was just as good as someone was not I recommend it if it won't be in the cinema then in hbo go it just that it's worse

  5. Joseph Rigley

    If they went for something more like Captain Americas costume the batsuit could be way more comfortable while still keeping the comic book look, they also created the perfect cape in Batman Begins I have no idea why they ever stopped using it.
    My favourite suit is from Batman Begins mostly cause the cowl and cape.

  6. Emma Frost

    Twilight almost ruined the prestigious image of the vampire. When I saw it for the first time I was like “How can we go from Blade the vampire Hunter to this bad joke? Sparkly vampires and some dude who looks stoned in every scene he’s in?” WTF dude.

    Rob redeemed himself in the Batman. It very well done.

  7. Szabó D. Tamás

    I'm amazed how these so called world class costume designers don't think ahead to make the costume actually wearable. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Did they forget their brains at home?

  8. Niborino9409

    Why haven't they managed to make a suit that isn't uncomfortable to wear? If they change it around; comfort first and them looks. It should be possible. Like after all this time…