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These are jewelry that Harley Quinn wore in the Suicide Squad movie. Charming stuff like jewelry always enhances your looks. It’s rare to have such a strong female character who’s so active in the story, so driven and so powerful-yet has these weaknesses and Achilles heels, birds of prey harley quinn outfit just like anybody. Our motto is “So Much Fun It’s Scary”. This super creepy fan art picture of Harley Quinn shows her in front of a background that looks very much like the Joker’s face. She looks like Batman’s worst nightmare. The pictures posted on Twitter by David Ayer show a myriad of different looks. I know that. I know how important this show is to you guys. The Joker has changed hands many times on the big screen, but the latest portrayal came from Jared Leto in “Suicide Squad.” You can find these newer hoodies that show Leto’s Joker in the character’s new and improved form. Harley Quinn is a villain from the DCUE who has gotten a lot of attention in recent years ever since Margot Robbie took on the role in Suicide Squad back in 2016. Will Smith and Jared Leto were part of the cast but if everyone’s being honest, Margot Robie is the one who stole the show.

She explains that they’ll get 10 years off their sentences if they’re successful and they survive, harley quinn costume kids though many of them will likely be killed. I can tell you though that by the end of this movie, our heroes will be left in a darker place from when they started. DC fans will have to wait until summer for the sequel — Suicide Squad 2 is set for release August 6, 2021. Suicide Squad originally hit theaters in in August of 2016. Went on to rake in an astounding $746.8million dollars worldwide.8million dollars worldwide. Without further ado, here are five creepy and five stunning artwork about many fans’ favorite notorious DCEU villain. The artist maintained all the details from the way her nose is shaped to the way her eyes are spaced out on her face. The artist added black and red patterned nail polish to her fingertips as well which is a small detail that still stands out. The artist of this fan art added rips to Harley’s top to make her look even more rebellious. The artist wanted to depict Harley Quinn in a sweeter light, rather than a violent one which is why he or she decided to draw Harley blowing a kiss.

Comic Con has long been one of the most popular speculative fan fiction conventions. This fan art was done by @ItsTheDonAron. In this particular creepy Harley Quinn fan art picture, she is dressed up in her old-school costume which looks like a jester’s costume. She looks like she has sadness in her eyes, but she also looks like she could kill someone who crosses her. The hyenas she has with her have bloodied jaws as if they just attacked someone! Harley Quinn herself looks like a demonic figure due to the fact that her eyes have a blue glow. For more tips, like how to copy Harley’s cartoonish personality, keep reading! We wanted them to be a little more complicated than what had come before. The artist obviously knew that he or she wanted the picture to come out looking exactly like Margot Robbie from Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.

This stunning image of Harley Quinn was done by a fan artist who likes bright colors! This fan art was done by an artist named @NoFlutter. The artist behind this fan art made sure to give Harley Quinn a very distinct hourglass figure shape. This fan art was done by Austen Mengler. The artist’s name is unknown but this fan art was found on Tumblr Gallery. In this creepy fan art image of Harley Quinn, one of the first things we notice is the dirty, yellow teeth she has! The next thing we notice is how long. The next thing we notice is how crazy her eyes look. It just spoke to her character,” said Benach of her look for Renee, a 1980s throwback in both demeanor and dress. If you were planning to dress up as Harley Quinn this year, be prepared to see a few others wearing your same costume.

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