Batman Arkham Knight Suits Ranked #shorts


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44 thoughts on “Batman Arkham Knight Suits Ranked #shorts

  1. Pizza

    It's incredible how every single suit is cool. There aren't any that I dislike and my favorite varies according to my mood. There are suits that I like less because they don't fit much with this Batman model tho. The only thing I'm sure of is that 1989 is p e r f e c t.

  2. blizzard

    I still like this ranking but I came to conclusion I didnโ€™t really prefer the bat man v Superman suit that much so I came up with a new one for myself

  3. D G

    Finally someone else sees the light and admits the post-city suit is the best. I wish they rigged the mask properly where itโ€™s removable during cutscenes

  4. Big Boss

    Iโ€™d switch Nolan and Affleck suit. I donโ€™t like The Dark Knight suit and I felt that the Batman Begins suit wouldโ€™ve suited this game better.