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40 thoughts on “Dark knight vs Vengeance #shorts #thebatman #thedarkknight #christianbale #robertpattinson #batman

  1. Geordie mc

    bales combat is shit, everyone knows his fight choreography has aged terribly, he fights like a white belt and he has no rage or brutalness in his fights, bale has better tech then pattinson but when it comes to hand to hand pattinson is whooping bale

  2. AcientZ

    To be fair it does say at the start of Robert Pattersons Batman film that it takes place 2 years of being Batman compared to the dark knight

  3. Tech Bustar

    Well for me Bale and Affleck batman will always on top and I also admit that Pattinson does good work but he is overrated by today kids,he is good but Bale and Affleck was something that anybody can never become like Robert Downey as iron man

  4. I_shidded_and_farded

    Strength – Pattinson
    Speed – Pattinson
    Durability – Bale
    IQ – Pattinson
    BIQ – Bale
    Experience- Bale
    Combat – Pattinson
    Tech – Bale

    Pattinson wins, from what we have seen, he is the physically superior Batman. I was never a fan of the choppy and slow combat from the Nolan movies