Did You Know In Batman Begins…

While preparing for his first role in what would be three performances as Batman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, Christian Bale obviously went through a rigorous workout process in order to achieve that superhero look. It turns out that Bale may have actually gone too far however. Bale only weighed 120 pounds in his role in ‘The Machinist’ and went ahead and doubled his weight for Batman, which ended in him actually having to shed 20 pounds in order to even fit into the Batman costume. Director Christopher Nolan had a shock when Bale arrived in England for filming and said “God, you’re like some sort of grizzly bear!”

Did You Know In Batman Begins…

Eugene Clark


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45 thoughts on “Did You Know In Batman Begins…

  1. Rhetiq 99

    People mostly only know him in the last two movies where the suit was considerably leaner and Bale's physique not that jacked up, but in Begins he did look big and beefy with the suit supporting that mass with its bulkier design. Dare I say, that era of Batbale would've matched Batfleck in terms of overall physique

  2. Ben Geiger

    This guy has gone from skinny, too fat, too athletic, too skin and bones, back to fat back to athletic to, “I’m to f—king big for the bat suit…”

    His body is like: So what is it this week, Chris??!! Are we doing Dick Cheney as Batman?

  3. Minato_Tendo

    Bale make amazing performance, but Ben Affleck still THE Batman, the most accurate, the biggets, the strongest and the most scary of all.

    Gonna miss him in DC after his last time in Aquaman 2

  4. Steve

    Did you know in Batman begins, Viggo Mortensen, the actor of Aragon broke is foot when he kicked that urukhai helmet and that take made it into the final cut, because his scream was so real.