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When she tried the finished product on for the first time, it made every effort worthwhile. But his wife, actress Elsa Pataky, put in plenty of effort to channel DC Comics villain Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad films. Played by Margot Robbie in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad, Harley is trademarked by her blue and pink pigtails and red, black and white clothes with diamonds. The final two steps: lipstick and pigtails. Separate your hair in half, and pull it into pigtails on both sides of your head. Sure, I’d made costumes before; but as I looked up and down her intricate stitches, fabrics, and tattoos I felt extremely overwhelmed. So, we setup our equipment in a run down amphitheater behind a playground. So, a federal agent (Viola Davis) frees a motley crew of supervillain inmates, harley quinn costume women coercing them to fight for the nation’s interests. The film also stars Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Will Smith as Deadshot, Ben Affleck as Batman and Jared Leto as a nightmarish version of The Joker. Starting off with the lightest shade in this palette, I will stipple this all over my face and blend into my neck; of course, prime your face first!

Makeup brush set - free stock photo But Harley isn’t just the humorous henchwoman to Batman’s supervillain archnemesis Joker, she’s also an icon in her own right, whether she’s starting crime on her own or fighting alongside her friend and fellow Gotham City villain, Poison Ivy. Fresh out of the Arkham Asylum and after a dip in the same chemical bath that created The Joker, get ready to hunt some even badder guys than yourself! This is more of a DIY alternative for people who would rather rummage around their house than shell out nearly $100 for a costume. Available in sizes: Small UK 8-10, Medium UK 12-14 and Large UK 14-16. Alternative code: BNOV-AF049 (Medium Size). Please do carefully refer to the size chart before purchase. Please refer to the dimensiontable in the penultimate size picturethe before ordering for reference. Full care instructions. One size fits most adults. Of course, Harley Quinn is now one of the best popular Batman villains and is a regular in the movies, video games, comics, novels, and basically every piece of merchandise imaginable. Everyone knew the details of the costume now. For women who like to make an annual trip to Comic-Con or simply enjoy watching superhero movies, this Rubie’s Women’s DC Heroes and Villains Collection Harley Quinn Costume is a great choice.

Harley’s weapon of choice is a baseball bat. Tightline your eyes with a black eyeliner, add some mascara, and line your lids with your choice of eyeliner formula. Once your skin is looking nice and pale, begin on the eyes. Lightly dust the shadow from the corners of your eyes at a downward angle, stopping at your cheekbone. Apply each shadow ONLY onto the eyelid. Wear this Halloween then we got this Harley Quinn jacket from Suicide Squad movie for you. I got a container of that for $15.99 on Amazon with Prime shipping, enough to last both of us a handful of applications, easily. This Halloween costume satin jacket for girls can also be bought for a superhero theme party. A nice, fun look for a Halloween party or a comic book loving cosplayer. I don’t know when their popularity began (or why), but it’s safe to say the structure inside of us all has become a Halloween staple. If you are a woman who doesn’t know what to buy.

I prefer using black eyeshadow, as it doesn’t appear so harsh. Inspired by the original comic book character, Benach describes Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress as “Supreme Meets Louis Vuitton.” Her custom looks include hooded and cape silhouettes with high-waisted leather pants and a cutout bodice with graphic lines and a color palette of black and purple. I used NARS Cruella all over my lips, and darkened the outer corners with Bite Black Cherry lipstick. As she watched me navigate The Caped Crusader over a common thug and sucker punch Harley Quinn, the words fell from her mouth, “Do you think you could make me a Harley Quinn Halloween costume”? Thus began my four month journey of transforming my sister into a Harley Quinn Halloween costume. Not to mention crafting the iconic four foot tall mallet. Just leave the pants style in the ’00s where they belong. Her real name is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel and her nickname Harley Quinn is a play on the word harlequin which inspired her costume design and style. Harley Quinn Cosplay Outfit is outstanding among other outfits with regards to video games.

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