Hidden Details In Every Batman Suit


Is there anything more awe inspiring, scary yet cool and of course iconic than the Batsuit? The Batsuit is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole character, and it is usually as deep, complex and awesome as the man who wears it. Over the years there have been many iterations of the suit, some of them have been great, some of them have been not so great, and some of them have had nipples…enough said. In each of these designs the suit has always turned out a little different, not just aesthetically, but what it can do and each suit often has some distinct and unique feature or power that others don’t possess. With the recent DC Fandome trailer showcasing Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit in much more detail and giving us a deeper insight into what this suit can do, we thought we’d take a look at hidden details and pieces of trivia in all of the live action adaptations of the iconic outfit.

From secret powers and abilities that you might not know the suit possess, to call backs and easter eggs to Batman comics, other movies and Batman lore in general, hidden trademarks and logos that you might not have noticed, ways the suits influenced the actors who wore them, and just how that infamous Batsuit came to be and what it was modelled on. So then, let’s get in our Batmobile and speed down the streets of Gotham City and I have no idea where I’m going with this analogy…Anyway, let’s take a look at some Batsuits shall we?

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0:22 Pattinson
3:17 Affleck
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Written by:Aiden M
Narrated by: Grant Kellett
Edited by: Umair G

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41 thoughts on “Hidden Details In Every Batman Suit

  1. Joshua Martin Pryce

    The suit of batman makes alot of difference in his techniques, access to gadgets and impervious harm to foes. Spirituality also has different suits. These suits of spirituality have different gadgets, and are able to withstand different abrasions from spiritual enemies that are spiritual forces of darkness. Suits are awesome because they can camouflage identity at the same time be noticeable in certain ways, its hiding a human identity and taking on a superhero identity and we can do that with spirituality in general senses.

  2. Gedludek

    Whoever wrote this speech they are pretty careless. Clearly Farrel-Penguin wasn’t threatened by the forearm decoration, Battinson had something in his hand.

  3. Al M

    I hear there was something in the '89 script where Batman tells Vicky the suit is made of some science-fictional material. Kinda cheap by contrast that Chase Meridian feels him up and confirms it's just rubber.

  4. Mike Schwartz

    3:15 — the line is “hockey PADS,” not “pants.”
    i heard “pants” too; thought it was an odd line—that’s why i remember the shock i felt when i saw the scene with closed captions on.

  5. Eric LaBonte

    "You two goons! Shoot your entire magazines center mass!! Don't you dare fire at the one obviously open and vulnerable instant kill opportunity or you're fired!!"

  6. iowa89357 T-Fang

    Watching the 1st Keaton Batman as an adult, when you see batman hold the thug in the air at the beginning, and you see their feet…

    I had to rewind and pause… And I go…. " IS BATMAN WEARING SKETCHERS?!!?!!?!". guess they were Nike's

  7. Al M

    1:19 Well, he's got an interesting blink-of-an-eye choice to make right there. If he doesn't want to get hit with the bat again, it's Y & X at once to disarm & destroy. If some of the background foes are more well-defended, he'd want B & Y for a rolling somersault and a flourish. Then he can wield the bat against them for a fair bit, depending on how fully upgraded he is.