How Pattinson’s Batsuit Is Different From The Other Movie Versions

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes ever created, and this is no small part due to the incredibly unique look of his costume. With Matt Reeves’s take on the Dark Knight, Batman’s armor received a fresh redesign. Robert Pattinson’s version of the batsuit has gadgets hiding everywhere and a far more mobile construction. These updates not only change how fans see Batman in the new movie, but they also serve a functional purpose.

Every film adaptation of Batman has taken a different interpretation of the Caped Crusader’s iconic look, and the costume for “The Batman” might be the most dramatic design yet. Keep watching to get a closer look at how Pattinson’s batsuit is different from the other movie versions.

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45 thoughts on “How Pattinson’s Batsuit Is Different From The Other Movie Versions

  1. Jay Carter

    His cowl seemed to be made of leather outwardly but who realised that in one or two scenes it deflected some bullets and he even got knocked out for a little while? Maybe there's some inner protective lining to it.

  2. O Cavalo

    I don't like the fact that he is bulletproof now. The director tried to make something more realistic in this movie, but this suit is too much OP and makes this Batman less strategic in combat. I mean, he just walks towards the gun shots!

  3. Ali Haider

    Batman in many aspects is similar to iroNman , I dont know why DC is not upgradiNg batman suit ..Atleast give hiM fuckiNg flying ability like iroNman

  4. CARL WongTW

    The main theme resembles Imperial March & the scene where he fights thugs with guns in the dark resembles the Vader scene from Rogue One :). Sequels. . . !!!

  5. Hail Cthulhu

    I loved how the chest symbol was actually the Baterang integrated into the armor and how how grappling hooks were integrated into his gauntlets. Very, very cool suit.

  6. Ted Naifeh

    I feel like this is the first time I've seen Batman on screen, rather than a guy dressed liked a toy. It's nice to see Batman wearing his costume rather than it wearing him. Keaton used to complain that his "performance" was mostly just moving the suit. It was more a prop than a costume. The best you can say was that he's in there somewhere.

  7. Gaël Pache

    There is one fact: in this movie the suit is more like an armor than a disguise. It Allows batman to dodge and be bullet proof, and the flying ability, as well steel cables for ascencion , reinforced , Blade proof torso seems to be the very least when you are fighting crime and gang of punk and a lady cat with all of her teeth and claws( I say claws, not clothes, 😉 on)

  8. Areatrance

    The Film is amazing. The Suit does have a gritty look, but it is industrial and if you like more realistic work you'll probably enjoy it quite a bit. Reminds me a bit of the RoboCop design with the bat aesthetic.