Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Shonagh Scott

I have created the highly requested Joaquin Phoenix Joker makeup tutorial, perfect for Halloween, fancy dress, or Cosplay! I’ve made sure to create an authentic version, and I hope you all enjoy it. On my YouTube channel, I showcase various makeup styles using different media and techniques, from creative Halloween looks to beautiful and flawless makeup for any occasion. If you haven’t already subscribed, please click the link to do so.

For your convenience, I have a Halloween playlist available for you to check out.
The products used in this tutorial can be purchased from

For filming, I used the Olympus E-PL9 Camera. You can use the discount code SHOWME10 for 20% off.
I also used the Aputure Amaran AL-M9 for lighting. You can find it on Amazon in the UK and the US.

Here is the rest of my filming equipment:
– Camera: Panasonic GH5
– Lens: Panasonic 14-140mm
– Lighting: Soft Boxes
– Dimmable Ring Light with mirror & stand

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30 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Shonagh Scott

  1. Shang chi

    Honestly him realizing how much she made him look like joker and seeing him almost start acting like him emotive wise is just proof of her talent.. she created the joker with her skills

  2. PhantomSavage

    Honestly the most incredible thing about this make up is the wizardry she used to fix that wig.

    In the starting preview of the video I legitimately had no idea he was wearing a wig, I just assumed the guy dyed and greased his hair.

  3. morpho portis

    Absolutely stunning! <3

    I did have to laugh when you mentioned Loki because I was wondering about the hairline too, hahaha!
    And tbh, I'd love to see you recreate Tom's look as Thomas Sharpe's ghost in Crimson Peak <3

  4. shahzada gofran

    Hellow Shonagh. I am Gofran from Bangladesh. We have a group of students(kids) with whom we saw your makeup faces for helloween party and we are trying and planning for future helloween party in our village: Sonergoan.