Review of the 1/6 Scale Scarlet Witch WandaVision Halloween Costume Figure Unboxing and Toy Discussion

Unboxing and Review of the WandaVision Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff SW Toys Lady Spookatcular 1/6 Scale Game Action Figure!

I obtained mine from Toys Wonderland and Sixth Scale Network, both reputable sources for collectible figures. Make sure to stay tuned for more videos. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates on upcoming videos and more exciting content.

Please note that this figure is a 3rd Party Unlicensed item, not a counterfeit. The review reflects my personal opinions based on adding it to my own collection. This video is intended as a review and not a promotional video.

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46 thoughts on “Review of the 1/6 Scale Scarlet Witch WandaVision Halloween Costume Figure Unboxing and Toy Discussion

  1. Jaros Bodytko

    Hahaha, I honestly love these kinds of silly expressions, whenever a figure comes with several head sculpts I tend to chose the sillier/more unique one for my display to add a little something. And this one is very well made for a third party.

  2. jason Grady PHStiger'61

    I'm really impressed that somebody actually made her comic book accurate costume that we saw in the Halloween episode And I'm think that Elizabeth olsen herself was super excited to wear the comic book accurate costume from the comic book.

  3. Aydan Mcmanus

    Okay so I made a Tiffany cox action figure I like to mix them and make other characters sometimes I put them back together but I used this wandas outfit to make Tiffany's devil costume but changed the leggings and hat

  4. mrmopar5

    The body sucks! I built my own, after I found the costume and head piece available through ebay. Head piece was $18 and the costume (leotard, cape & arm wraps) for $38. Body used was a TB League med bust suntan (S34 I think) used for $56. Used standard Hot Toys Elizabeth Olson head. Just need the boots now. Looks great. Hate when the leotard is sewn into the tights! Oh yeah, I got rose colored tights on ebay for $12. Have to use a different body if picky like me. Those Hot Toys style bodies suck ass.

  5. Ayeon

    What do you call this type of body where the joints are hidden? I've never seen an action figure without the visible joints and stuff.