Robert Pattinson Batman / Reaction by people #shorts #batman

Robert Pattinson Batman / Reaction by people #shorts #batman #dc #dc2022 #batmanrobertpatison #robertpattinson

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49 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson Batman / Reaction by people #shorts #batman

  1. pavasite

    When he was first announced, I knew he was going to smash the role because he’s a brilliant actor and his performances in other films show that. Robert is my favourite Batman and is easily top 3 best Batman of all time

  2. Gunslinger Brothers

    Ä°t is a really good film but batman is not like professional (it is not about actor) he fights and acts like an ametour and he is mot like Bruce Wayne the extremely rich man he is like a poor batman he uses a normal bike and uses a old model batmobile and also Catwoman's suit… WHAT THE HELL Ä°S THAT