Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz on ‘The Batman’ | MTV News

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz sit down with MTV News’s Josh Horowitz to talk about their new film, ‘The Batman’. 0:00 Looking …

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37 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz on ‘The Batman’ | MTV News

  1. alejandro rosales

    Robert Pattison rock the piano 🎹 again with acting 👌 music 🎶 you have talent so make the best of it all just be careful with this virus out there it's in a lot of city's and countries now so you have to fight back to heal your body and mind

  2. alejandro rosales

    Robert Pattison i now you like to play music 🎶 and working on films 🎥 so be careful 😉 with this virus out there okay 👌 both of you focus on your future and health family and friends and in time this pendmek will end

  3. Zey91

    Robert did great with Batman
    But I just feel that he can do way better if he played the joker
    It will be great to watch after heath ledger

  4. Will G

    oh my god…. this interview was so annoying…all the guy did was ask pattinson questions and then talk too much and the only question he asked kravitz was if she wrote about pattinson.

  5. Bee W

    I’d only think more questions to Zoe about her career progression and the impact of the role would’ve been great. This was a fun interview though!

  6. Debi B

    I wish interviewers would stop constantly comparing Rob's roles to Twilight!! For God's sake he's had so many amazing roles sense Twilight!! And even though I thought that he played Edward Cullen perfectly, that's definitely not his ONLY acting role he has had!! I mean, stop type casting the poor guy!! He's an amazing actor! All his roles he played so well!! Get off the Twilight train!!!

  7. Michael Angelo H.

    What I kinda wonder is, does anyone in a cowled suit like that every hear a damn thing??… the ears are covered with, not only the probably thick layer of material on the outside, but there's usually also something of a mount on the inside, kind of like a rugby or waterpolo helmet, that's also over the ears. – So, how well does anyone in such a suit even HEAR?… At least, looking at the Netflix-Daredevil ones, one has holes through the headwear, pretty much like the waterpolo headgear, and another version has the hard part avoiding the ears but fabric on top.
    You never see the Batman cowls open in any way, it's always solid shut, which must be kinda horrible for your awareness.

  8. jackuon

    they were joking, but after seeing The Batman, i genuinely want the next film to be called The Catwoman, with Batman being the (nominally) second lead that is integral to her story as Catwoman was to his.