Sculpting THE BATMAN Timelapse | Robert Pattinson Suit

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For this one I used super sculpey medium and painted with acrylics. Sculpted Batman from upcoming Robert Pattinson’s movie.
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and what’s your thoughts about this sculpt?

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Music by Samuel Kim

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49 thoughts on “Sculpting THE BATMAN Timelapse | Robert Pattinson Suit

  1. Mikaël Benetoux

    hello, your achievements are amazing. I find that the in really recognize Robert Patison behind this mask :). I recently started sculpting polymer clay. but sometimes I miss steps. Like, what liquid do you often use after the desired result? is it to smooth or harden specific parts? thank you for answering me, I am French but I do not speak English so I translate. THANKS

  2. Efrén TheMad

    Sería muy interesante que pudieras elaborar los trajes de cada uno de los actores que interpretaron a Batman, ponerlos juntos para ver las diferencias. Como siempre, un trabajo PERFECTO.

  3. XrisD147

    Your sense of proportion is amazing like to do with his head and body and the detailing of course is off the scale!
    I was really stunned how good this film is I'd even go to say its better than the 1989 Batman film and I've always loved that one! I'm gonna have to watch it again soon.

  4. Hawk127

    Do you bake it before painting? I'm trying to figure out how to make a sculpture that is sturdy enough to be around for awhile, and I can't find any answers.

  5. Emil Samuel

    This is amazing! This is one of the best I've seen on YouTube thus far. I wish there was a separate video on how you did the facial sculpt as well. Cheers

  6. Jace Ace

    Can I just say how absolutely stunning this is? It's amazing!! Im looking to get my hands on some sculpting as it looks so rewarding and fun.

    May I ask what is it that you use when you were brushing the clay? Was it just damp with water to make it smoother?