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The Batman’s Mask Gets Stuck!! Robert Pattinson Suit #Shorts

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This is from our full video The Batman Suits Up Parody!! (Robert Pattinson Costume) | Epic DC Superhero Movie Spoof!!

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The Batman suits up, but putting on the armor and cowl isn’t as easy as what one would think!! Watch Bruce Wayne struggle to put on the Pattinson suit and look like a fool!! Subscribe, enable all push notifications, share the video and comment your favorite parts to be eligible for a shoutout in the next video!!

Jason as Robert Pattinson’s Batman: instagram.com/melf_studios

Armor printed/painted by Shape Shifting Princess: instagram.com/shapeshiftingprincess
Thank you to Captain Puerto Rico for his help during the shoot: instagram.com/captainpuertorico_

Video edited by Justin Grubb aka turbo_time_cosplay: instagram.com/turbo_time_cosplay

MELF intro logo created by Dodging Karma Design: & instagram.com/dodging_karma_design
Intro transitions/effects by Justin Grubb aka turbo_time_cosplay: instagram.com/turbo_time_cosplay

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The Batman Cowl EXPLAINED! #shorts #thebatman


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