The Batman Cowl EXPLAINED! #shorts #thebatman


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24 thoughts on “The Batman Cowl EXPLAINED! #shorts #thebatman

  1. Moxie

    Is the cowl supposed to be bullet proof? I swear I remember seeing one of the riddler goons shooting him in the head near the end of the movie and the bullet ricochets off the cowl

  2. Clayon Gayle

    Nothing’s fuckin explained. Sick cowl. But doesn’t belong with that shit. You can’t have a Gotham by Gaslight cowl with a futuristic suit. It’s just plain wrong.

  3. Michae

    I don't really like that it reveals this much jawline. Anyone who knows Bruce Wayne (and let's face it, he's pretty famous) would be able to recognize that jaw.

  4. THORN

    Bruh they got shit from Adam wests even tho he was literally the worst batman ever not due to him but due to no cgi why not take inspiration from 2008 batman instead since all of Adam wests fans are probably dead

  5. Jehtblu

    The cowl exposes his entire mouth, cheeks, jawline, and chin. A blow to the face would be far more effective against this version of the bat suit. It is essentialy a masquerade ball mask.

    I'd always thought that the cowl should be designed like a blend between it and the helm of a hoplite. Only the mouth would be exposed

  6. j.g.a.v.j.e.

    The best, for the sequel I would love
    For “Bruce” to paint the coal dark blue
    And have the baterang knife be gold

    So all cowl and cape are blue with the gold emblem