The Batman: Ranking The Movie Batsuits

The Batman marks a new version of our favorite caped superhero and with it an all-new batsuit! In The Batman (2022) Robert Pattinson takes on the cowl, with the distinction that he will lead the Batman movie outside the DC Extended Universe, meaning there’s more room creatively to explore the character. How does his Batsuit stack up against the rest, and do you like the suit from The Batman?

Director Matt Reeves is promising a dark story to say the least, with the Robert Pattinson Batman said to be based in part on Kurt Cobain. In celebration of whatever’s to come for Bruce Wayne and the Robert Pattinson Batsuit,- be it Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, or articulated Batsuit nipples (again), we’re going over our favorite Batsuits. What’s your favorite? Do you favor the suit from Batman v Superman, The Dark Knight, Justice League, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, or do you have another favorite look for the dark knight himself? Which Batman suit will reign supreme? Check out our take, and leave yours below!

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29 thoughts on “The Batman: Ranking The Movie Batsuits

  1. agus hermawan

    best movie =

    3.Batman begins or Return or 1989 for 4. 5.

    2.The batman 2022

    1.The dark knight

    best rank batman Villains actor =

    1.Heat Ledger

    2.paul dano & phoenix

    3.zoe kravit

    4.Catwoman (Batman Returns)

    5.jack nicolson

    6.Penguin (Batman Returns)

    7.Two Face (The Dark Knight)

  2. clark luthor

    10. Batman and Robin Ice Suit
    9. Batman Forever 1995 Sonar Suit
    8. Batman Begins Batsuit
    7. The Dark Knight and Rises Batsuit
    6. Batman 1989 Batsuit
    5. Batman V Superman Armored Batsuit
    4. Batman V Superman Classic Suit
    3. Justice League Tactical Batsuit
    2. Batman Returns Batsuit
    1. The Batman Batsuit

  3. Dawa Penjor

    I'd want The Batman 2, if we get one, to use a bit of yellow in the center. As Batman himself explains, it draws fire towards it. The part that's most armoured.