The Making Of The Batman | The Batman | Max

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Gotham City in The Batman. The producers and cast explain the amazing visual effects and technology that went on behind the camera. The Batman is now streaming on HBO via Max.

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27 thoughts on “The Making Of The Batman | The Batman | Max

  1. Mark Deez

    This is The Way! Thank ILM and the Star Wars/Mandalorian visionaries for pioneering this tech. Greig Fraser is a BEAST. He’s done tremendous work in the SW world. I thought it was funny that they didn’t name drop Star Wars, although it was obvious.

    The Batman is tremendous and did some A+ cityscapes in The Volume! Simply breathtaking!!!

  2. Vmt16

    I did not realize they used this tech for this movie as well. It really is taking off and with stuff like UE5, its gonna be insane what we're gonna see in the future and its gonna make for better performances because the actors will actually have something to look at besides a green screen.