The New Batman Sucks. Bad at gliding. Scared of heights? What?

The new Batman is really bad at gliding and to top it off he’s scared of heights. Seriously? Lol.

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40 thoughts on “The New Batman Sucks. Bad at gliding. Scared of heights? What?

  1. Zainul Hussain

    Bro…. Robert Pattinson's Batman is not yet fully trained…. He is developing his skill if you understand the Movie…. He is more of a Human side & detective than superhero….

  2. Shelbyville Rules

    I kind of liked the fact that he was still learning and coming to grips with being the Batman… although for a film that billed itself as a more grounded, realistic take, it did feel a little silly that he completely wipes out like that and just walks it off 10 seconds later.

  3. Alfonso Rodgers

    Lol yaw funny remember this is a young Bruce still working his 2nd year as batman trying to figure these things out and for all we know that was his first time attempting to glide while having the pressure of a whole precinct of angry cops that are led to believe he's a freak that gets in the way of their work and most definitely just gave Gordon a mean right hook lol let's put the small details in there I just thought it was funny he tried to hard-core x games that bus and bridge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just enjoy that we get to see him make mistakes and not be the perfect hero we all grew up and know him to be lmaoo