THIS is why Robert Pattinson became Batman!

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22 thoughts on “THIS is why Robert Pattinson became Batman!

  1. Emotional Support

    From what I read on that movie I already knew it was going to be bad…do you think directors deliberately add woke garbage in their movies or is it the fear of not including woke bs that makes them do something so stupid? The movie was hot garbage and a waste of my time…my money is forsaken that's a given, but to put me through that you are something special.

    Spoiler alert the movie is about white supremacy…you think it's more class oriented, but they waste no time making it known it's the white man's fault…and the only trusted authority figure is casted by a black man because it's empowering…onto the reboot itself as a whole, it never needed to exist it was a complete waste of money. Twilight didn't even want to get fit for the role and that alone was causing problems with filming…so much so, they were considering canceling the whole project and they should have done just that. I hope they didn't expect this reboot to align with the other reboots still to come in the DC universe because they clearly haven't seen the first two Thor movies…they are literally making the same mistake.

  2. Davis Hueter

    Cillian Murphy is not actually a bad choice. I just want a family movie with Cillian Murphy now. I love the Christian Bale movies they’re my favorite Batman movies but I do want Cillian Murphy now.

  3. BroToons!

    I think people are hammering him because he's not the Bruce Wayne they're used to but we have three films to see him become that. And I think it's going to be on purpose