What Joe Thought of The Batman

Taken from JRE #1811 w/Brendan Schaub:

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38 thoughts on “What Joe Thought of The Batman

  1. GeolulZ

    " todd phillips owned that movie " joe smoking too much weed! Joker in the lore is nothing like that. Joker is only in joker in name. Joker is not a beta male mommas boy. Come on

  2. Tyler Wilson

    Bat suit looked awesome. Loved the eye makeup tbh. The wing suit was realistic Im guessing it was a prototype he hasn’t been Batman long. Riddler was a realistic psycho villain. The detective bits were incredible. Cat woman was a little annoying at parts but let’s be fair she’s better then the other cat women. Penguin and falcone were cool as fuck and the bat mobile was an actual car and not a fucking tank like the tumbler so I liked it too. I’m hoping in the next movie we see his crusade turn into more of a symbol and I hope that Bruce comes out of his shell. I hope the glider gets an upgrade. But all of this is teased so I have a good amount of hope 🙂 all around pretty damn good batman

  3. Boo boo Dafoo

    Serena Williams should definitely play Catwoman at some point. She is definitely believable as an intimidating female the way she’s built lol. Maybe she can act too.

  4. Breauxce Wayne

    This wasn’t the best Batman movie. The Nolan movies were better. The costume was definitely whack. The movie was good but its not rewatch able like the Nolan movies. Its too long and it builds and builds and builds. All that and Batman doesn’t solve the Riddlers plan until its too late. When you watch it a second time you realize its not as good as it seemed.

  5. abcdefghi2749

    The batman is up there with the dark knight. The dark knight is the better MOVIE but The Batman is the better BATMAN MOVIE. The Joker and Two face are the main characters and arguably its Christian Bale's worst performance throughout the trilogy. The dark kbight is still great but The Batman is HIGHLY underatedand deserves more love.

  6. Rjwkkel

    I wonder why no one talks about why cat woman and Gordon are Black ( not being disrespectful to blacks) but those characters are white.
    It's just like making a film of CJ in Gta but it's chines