Why Robert Pattinson’s BATMAN Body Is Realistically Effective!!

Just Saw The Batman and Want to talk about Robert Pattinson’s Body and How it Works Incredibly Well for this Functional Realistic Batman.

The Batman Theme:

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47 thoughts on “Why Robert Pattinson’s BATMAN Body Is Realistically Effective!!

  1. Dat King Wukong

    Battinson Gainz 🦇 Another amazing analysis on fictional physiques… Your channel has been a major confidence boost in my fitness progress and knowledge please make more of this quality content!,

  2. Itsironboyjr

    Battinson gainz I completely agree I think it really made sense for a first year Batman especially cuz his primary focus is functional strength for fighting crime and his detective work

  3. Dr Thuganomics

    true, for the shit he does in the comics it's a mix of MMA fighters mixed with Triathlon and Parkour. AIN'T NO WAY he would be that JACKED and do that type of tasks. Like people think Cbum would be able to do Triathlon mixed with extreme parkour and long ass MMA fights against multiple people?

  4. RM Music

    I’m my opinion I think The character they got so well was Gordon as he has the essence not all of the features but he has Gordon’s morales and he seems to be the best representation so far but pattison has a lot of things about his batman that could improve not things he’s in charge of thougj

  5. emoxvx

    100% true! People who don't know nothing about martial arts/combat sports think that the heavier the better while too much weight can actually hinder your performance. Plus, fighters don't lift for looks, they lift for praticality, two completely different things.

  6. Sebastián Altamirano

    "If you can get your heart and lungs stronger and then build the armour around it, you will be a beast." I hope you're right. Pretty skinny 19 year old here trying to quit smoking and shit. Will definitely watch your cardio vid and try to get better.

  7. Celeb Workout

    hahah you broke Character at 6:42. Nice usage of the 2004 Batman theme, Bro. I enjoyed that show. And what's hilarious is that it works because this YOUNG Bruce Wayne is clearly not mentally present; he hardly eats and sleeps, so in this Hype realistic world Matt Reeves has created, it makes perfect sense that he'd be fit and not look like a fitness model.

  8. Parasite

    I don think he fits Bruce Wayne But I do think he can be Terry McGinnis not just in body type his actions his motives and how he operated as batman

  9. Henry Garcia

    I agree with your Adam West statement, when on the topic of who is the Best Batman he should be excluded from the debate because his Batman is it’s own perfect thing entirely.

  10. Kayce.

    Batman Is A Martial Artist, In Reality Martial Artist Are Known For Being Lean. Bruce Lee, Jason Statham, Jason Scott Lee. Robert Pattison Was Actually Lean. Maybe He Could Of Been 10 Pounds Heavier. Could Of Been More Shredded, But Robert Pattison Was In Good Shape.