Why Robert Pattinson’s Batman Feels More Personal

This video essay analyzes The Batman (2022), starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves. The Batman feels a lot more personal than Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy due to Matt Reeves’ storytelling decisions like shooting the Batman with a narrow shallow depth of field and ensuring the story thematically matches the cinematography. If you want to closely compare what feels different about The Batman vs Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, then watch this video essay to the end.


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0:00 Introduction
1:24 Visual Style
6:35 Humanising Bruce & Thematic Continuity

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41 thoughts on “Why Robert Pattinson’s Batman Feels More Personal

  1. Allan The Melón

    I just saw it on netflix, Yeah definitely better than Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. Better than the Dark Knight Rises? Yeah probably. Its not that deep man. Fucking pretentious essays.

  2. Bubreherro

    Discovered your videos through your Succession analyses. Decided to check your backlog and I’m thoroughly enjoying what I am finding there. Thank you for this particular analysis. While not hailed at the same level of cinematographic quality, I do feel that Snyder’s Bruce Wayne and Ben Affleck’s performance went a long way into focusing on the human development of the orphan turned superhero and the trauma that remains and tint’s the older superhero, more so even than the Nolan films did

  3. Akshay Sharma

    I personally found The Dark Knight more compelling, mostly because of extremely well written narrative and also because in the dark knight we can see that the batman has his moments of grievances and also moments of that neutral sort of state where he is not too much affected by grief nor he is extremely happy, which is what happens to all of us. We all may have tough times emotionally and mentally, but we also have times where we are out grievances. Whereas in "The Batman", we can see him always in the state of grief and pain. So, I personally could not relate much with the character. However, the screenplay, cinematography and the direction is flawless and it was such an amazing experience watching it in IMAX.

  4. Tim Larkin

    Robert Pattinson was amazing as Batman. I love the movie and watched it a few times, but I have 2 gripes. The Catwoman actress was weak and the Riddler writing/costume was too dark/perverted. Catwoman had no chemistry with Batman. I think Kristen Stewart should have played Catwoman but I understand that would be a tall ask. The movie would have had double sales with Kristen Stewart. Finally, the Joker should be Joacim Pheonix.

  5. Grant Miller

    Pattinsons Batman is my favourite Batman. I always liked the more gothic version of him in the comic books. I like my superhero’s to actually reflect how they are, what they look like in the comics where I grew to love them

  6. SL4PSH0CK

    no, more like an improvement on an emotional and social aspects relevancy like melodramas. Nolan Ask "what if batman is real", Matt Reeves asked "what if batman is real TODAY".

  7. Kris Adams TV

    I can't get away from the fact that they did the Riddler dirty and made him the Zodiac killer. Batman is only as good as his villains. Its stupid if a dude dresses as a bat if his enemies aren't also ridiculous 😂

    You know what I would have loved. A serious and sinister Jim Carrey playing the Riddler again.

  8. MiniatureMasterClass

    What made this movie good was that Batman was FINALLY A DETECTIVE and Pattinson was good in the costume (his emo Bruce needs a lot of work). Leagues better than Affleck, the most boring Batman ever.

  9. Smokedship

    In no way is this better than Nolan. It looks pretty and sounds good but that’s it. Its lacks depth unlike the brilliant Batman Begins and Dark Knight.

  10. William Chin

    IMO "the batman" isn't Solely robert pattinson's movie as the title of this video is framed. It's like how Nolan/Bale/Ledge stole scenes or portions of the movie and made it their own in a legendary way. "The batman" is different where the movie "as a whole" is the star of the show, the director, producer, every major actor and extra actor. If anything the director with his camera work and the editor were the "stars" of the movie because they made into a concise, smooth flowing, well organized, flowing articulate "whole." Thanks

  11. Mike Howard

    Hated this movie. Batman was mopey, the story-line was forgettable, but the worst part was how badly shot it was. You could barely see the characters much-less details of the set and costuming were gone due to the consistent dim lighting. For me it was something that I won't see again, and not looking forward to a sequel.

  12. MoePosts

    Robert Pattinson was definitely a better batman he seemed way more menacing and intimidating because he doesn't talk much, his presence alone is enough to make Gotham's criminals fear him which is what I like about this version of batman, which is also how he presents himself when he is Bruce Wayne, he is quite timid, shy, careful with his words. I wouldn't say its a better or worse interpretation of Bruce Wayne but definitely one that makes sense and it's an interesting take.

  13. Dustin Mosley

    The movie felt too slow and some of the scenes could have easily been taken out completely and the movie would have been better. In the Nolan films every scene is very deliberate.